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What Web Program to use???

I have been teaching myself over the last few months in Dreamweaver and have just started to get used to it. I believe it's given me a good understanding of basic HTML coding and how to manage style sheets but limits the things I'd like to start doing.

The question is where to go from here? My colleagues are advising me to start learning wordpress but I have read a lot of negative things saying its not a real way to design websites.

For future jobs what do you guys suggest I spend my time on. I've done a bit of investigating on prestashop but it costs to even get me started on a freelance package. Is wordpress a good way to go?
What is it you’re going to be doing? You say web program, which is what Dreamweaver is, but you seem to compare it with Wordpress which is not the same thing at all as it is a content management system (CMS). I hadn’t heard of prestashopbut it seems that is a ecommerce system which again is different.

If you want to learn to code then I would concentrate on building static HTML and CSS based websites at first using Dreamweaver but paying particular attention to the code view as appose to design view. Wordpress might seem quite complicated in terms of how it works as it uses server site PHP code which is a lot more difficult to understand what is going on if your interested in learning it. Its easy to be lasy with Wordpress though which is why I wouldnt reccomend it to begin with.

Either way to be a good web designer you need to master HTML and CSS which is just code. You don’t even need Dreamweaver as you can get free text editors that do the job well, I just happen to prefer Dreamweaver.