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What was your major in college?

I'm not sure which major I should choose that would help me get a job in web development. I don't want to do web design (the aesthetic aspect), but I rather handle what goes on behind the scenes (the coding, database management, etc).

I was considering a major in computer science and a minor in mathematics. But I'm not sure if computer science is directly related to the work I would want to do. I don't want to build the hardware of computers.

What was your major/minor in college?
Nope...you do get to focus your final years study to subjects of your choice but no 'major' or 'graduation'. It ain't like High School Musical either.
Similarly to you Monroe, I opted for a University degree in Graphic Communications Management - that is the management theory behind graphic design, as opposed to developing my design skills (I had done that in a previous college course).

As others have said the UK's higher education structure is very different, unless you fancy coming to the UK to study? And drink lots of cheap, watered down lager.


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In university I did Electronic Media Design. I think they've since changed it's name to Graphic Design and Interactive Media or something... I focused on screen-based work at the end because the printers were always breaking... and now I prefer illustration haha. Guess you can never really plan these things perfectly.