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What type of workstation do you use?

Dave Airey tweeted an intersting... erm... tweet today about a designer who uses a 13" MacBook Air


I started using a MacBook Pro a year ago as I was moving flats a lot and knew that my trusty old Mini, HD, monitor, pro keyboard etc. would be too cumbersome to use effectively.

I'm now working away from home, in pubs, cafés, even the car on long journeys and love it. With my tethered Sony Ericsson 3G phone I'm truly mobile, only hindered by the pathetic battery!

Just thought I'd share :)


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I use an iMac 20" with an Intuos3 A5 Wide. The mac specs escape me, but it's all plugged-in, stationary and still and immobile. Sometimes I use the iPhone's browser for looking up visual reference on the go, it's also handy for project-related emailing. They get an instant response where-ever I am.

So yeah, 99% static. But paper and a pencil can be used anywhere...


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Custom spec'd windows desktops, no choice of laptop with my work, batteries just aren't good enough.

Now looking into a new laptop (old one died) and tablet which is not the iPad (motorola xoom looks good with android 3) as Asus screwed up the ep121 by taking away the detachable keyboard part :(

Extra bits that go with the pc's :)
3D Connexion Space Pilot
Wacom Intuos 3 A5 wide (secial edition)
Microsoft Natural Mouse and Keyboard
3 external USB hard drives
Acoustic Energy Speakers
Synology NAS
Wifi/Wired Networking gear by zyxel
3 Canon Printers (A4, A3 and A2)
3 UPS's
Nikon Digital Camera
Pencil, Paper, Markers (water and ink)
I use a 24" iMac and can't fault it, wouldn't mind a MacBook Air though but then I still have a pen and notepad which is a tad cheaper to say the least!
20" iMac 2.4 ghz 4 Gb RAM dual monitored to 23" HP HD display. Apple slim keyboard.Wacom Bamboo Pen and Logitech wireless mouse.
Epson 2400 scanner, Epson R240 printer (which needs replacing), two external HDs.
JBL Creature 2 speakers.
An iPhone and trusty old G4 12" Powerbook for out and about.
Pencil and paper....not a moleskin notebook in sight.


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Ah, I forgot to mention the peripherals, thanks Typo. My trusty Epson Stylus Photo R300, and my not-so-trusty Epson Perfection 2480 Photo Scanner. Plus Logitech speakers and 1TB Hitachi HDD.
And for some reason, a bottle-opener is here too. Hmm.


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My current arsenal consists of a Mac Mini (its what work provided) & at home I use a G4 PowerMac as a server, 17" MacBook Pro for visiting clients & my new 27" iMac will be with delivered tomorrow. I did also have a 15" PowerBook but it met a sticky end whilst moving house.
I'm on 15.4" MacBook Pro and also have:

Wacom Intuos4 A5
Epson Perfection V330 Scanner
Canon PIXMA iP4850 printer

and can't forget my stationery, including a great set of prisma colour pencils I got for christmas :)


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I have & use:

• Macbook 13" to use to take to Clients for presentations etc
• Mac Pro G5 Quad Core, 8GB Ram, 1TB HDD
• Triple Widescreens - 1x 26" and 2x24" (one is connected to my PC)
• Wacom Bamboo Tablet (hardly use it)

Once the new iPad is released i'll be replacing the old Macbook 13" with the new iPad for presentations and to take to client meetings etc.

*Uploaded pics*

nice Kudosis. Jim, yes I too got coloured pencils in my cracker, but for some reason when drawing on the card provided, it didn't actually draw anything, magic pencils i say!
I use a Custom built windows pc and Sony Vaio laptop at the moment, however the I7 powered 13" MBP is very tempting...

Custom Pc:
I7 950 OC'd to 4GHZ
24GB Ram
120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
2 TB HDD (+ a few more TB's in external drives)
Nvidia GTX470 (Supports Adobe GPU Acceleration)
Asus X58 Sabertooth Motherboard
12x RW BluRay Drive

2 x 22" Screens (One Samsung, One LG)
Art.Lebedev Optimus Maximus
Logitech MX518

C2D P8400 2.4Ghz
4GB Ram
16.4" LED Screen
BluRay Drive

Any thoughts on the new I7 13" MBP, would spec it with 8GB Ram and SSD.....
Jimlad said:
I got some coloured pencils in a cracker at Christmas.
View attachment 798 all I got was a crocodile bottle opener :(

Aside from a myriad of black biros, letraset markers and moleskines I have...

Intel quad core q6600
4gb ram
Primary hdd: 500gb samsung f2
Secondary hdd: seagate 500gb
Nvidia 250 gts 1gb
Soundblaster x-fi xtreme gamer
22" samsung monitor

Various western digital mybooks
A6 wacom graphire 3
Mediocre samsung clp-300 colour laser
Canon 400d, 50mm lens, 55-200mm lens and the 18-55mm kit lens

Dell studio 15 laptop (in purple!)
15.6" hd widescreen (1920x1080 upgrade)
Intel core 2 duo p8600
4gb ram
512mb ati radeon mobility hd 4570
320gb hard drive
Optional backlit keyboard :D

I admit the pc was my gaming machine but it breezes through work. I'll most likely switch to an iMac when it's time to upgrade (much to the disgust of my other half, who uses my pc)

Hopefully I'll be adding an iPad 2 to the mix sometime this year :)



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I use a 20" G5 Power Mac in my day job which is excellent. 8GB DDR, 2.5GHz with 2 250GB internal hard drives and a 1TB iomega external back up.

At home Ive sadly got a Dell Inspiron with a 15" screen and 250GB hard drive. Feels like Im working on a postage stamp after enjoying my screen in work!

I also use my ipad for casual browsing, emailing, researching, social network bits and inspiration and my iphone for notes, photo bits and research on the go.

Id be interested to know lee what kind of work you produce from your macbook and if you find it powerful enough to use as your primary machine?


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Primary PC is:

Intel Core 2 Quad 2.40GHz
2 x 500GB Raptor Drives with RAID
2 x Nvidia GeForce 9600 cards
3 x Samsung Syncmaster 19" displays
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

Office server:

Pentium Dual Core E6500 2.93GHz
1 x 500GB system disk
1 x 1TB backup disk
4 x 500GB Raptor drives with RAID
Windows SBS 64 bit 2008

Then the lappy for when I'm out and about:

ASUS K52F-EX659V, Intel® Core™ i5-460M Dual Core Processor,
15.6" HD Screen
Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 64-bit

I built the primary PC and server from scratch (obviously I bought all the components :p). Oh the joys of being a geek :)