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what tv shows are you watching?


Staff member
hmm... I'm going to seem quite random probably

Newer Stuff:
person of interest (channel 5 has it in the UK) - very clever series
abandoned - 'grizzly adams' looking man goes hunting for restoration products
counting cars/fast n' loud - 2 different series - think american choppers for cars with a bit of selling side of the business included.
flip men - house renevation/sales (ie flipping a house)
project runway - yeah yeah I know but I like watching design programs even if it is a different field
transformers prime - it's transformers but cad animated :)
avengers earths mightiest heroes - it's the avengers with a hulk that has a bit of 'character' about him, instead of the usual "hulk smash" :)
Breakout Kings
Tron Uprising - surprisingly it's actually not bad

Older Stuff:
Earth Final Conflict
Babylon 5
Stargate (Atlantis)

Tony Hardy

rapid202 said:
I've seen it in the charts but wasn't sure what it was exactly, cheers for the tip. :)
What's that?
I'm watching;
Community - Tim, have you seen them all? I'm only part way through season 3. I know Matt is a big fan too!
Band of Brothers - Only ever made is 7 episodes in. Now I'm ploughing through the last 3. Fantastic. Especially BluRay.

Just finished;
Breaking Bad - nothing really needs said. Outrageously good series, can't wait for the summer finale.
Also seen lately;
Dexter - all series, 1 through 7. Fantastic. Grim.
And eagerly anticipating the return of;
The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones


Senior Member
yep, all of Community. is amazing. the new season got delayed until Feb tho, supposed to air in October. the network hates it but the fan base love it!

now watching New Girl (which is hilarious surprisingly), Arrested Development, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show.


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I've got an absolute ton of Being Human recorded waiting to be watched. And Arrow. Saw some old Buffy episode the other day, surprisingly funny - drunk vampire falls asleep in a cemetery, wakes up with his hand on fire due to sunrise, accidentally tries dousing it in holy water and eventually pours his remaining whiskey on the wound!

Matt Harle

Community. I can't put into words how amazing this series is. I must've seen every episode about 3 times now, and I never get sick of it. I'm gonna have to stop there, cause I could quite easily talk about it non-stop for the next 3 weeks. And it's back on tonight, meaning that today is October 19th! (Well, for us non-US viewers, we'll have to wait till tomorrow morning)
I recently started Breaking Bad as well, having finished Season 1 this morning, and I can honestly see why people keep going on about it. It's just incredible. I can't wait to watch more and see it develop.


Senior Member
tomorrow morning = Suits, Big Bang Theory, Community, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report. (and Arrow, need to watch yesterday's episode)

Matt Harle

Community needs to be first on that list. I'll admit, I'm a bit worried with the loss of Dan Harmon, but the promos that they've released so far look excellent.


Senior Member
haven't looked at the promos. the promos for Suits during the seasonal break made me want to hire an agent to covertly steal the video files from someone's computer.

i also surpress watching my favourite tv shows that are only 25 mins long. because then i'm sad when it's over.

Matt Harle

The promos for Community have made me far too excited. If you want something a little longer than 25 minute episodes, I highly recommend Breaking Bad.

Tony Hardy

Tim said:
yeah! you seen the latest few episodes? latest one came out tuesday night (or like 2am wednesday to us)
I haven't seen the latest New Girl. Only just acquired the start of Season 2 there.

I love The Big Bang Theory more than any other sitcom though. Well, Frasier comes fairly close.