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What kind of music are you into?

Discussion in 'Chill Out Forum:' started by isoPrint, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. isoPrint

    isoPrint Member

    Like the title says what kind of music are use all into as sitting on the great Lothian bus number 37 on my way to meet a client I'm listening to ferry coursten WKND while getting funny look from a older women across the seats from me haha.

  2. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    My music taste varies, anything from ...Radiohead, Massive Attack, Prodigy, Moby, Notorious BIG, Eminem (old stuff), Ian Brown, Kasabian, Lennon.
  3. isoPrint

    isoPrint Member

    I'm very similar tbh what ever I like ps I got them sames this morning.

  4. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    I like all kinds of music, heavy and metal :icon_wink:
  5. Tony Hardy

    Tony Hardy Well-Known Member

    I only really like my rock and punk stuff.
    I play in a pub rock covers band and a Green Day tribute band of a weekend, so aye, pretty standard stuff; Green Day, Foo Fighters, Stereophonics...

    Then I like my punk stuff; The Lawrence Arms, Menzingers, Say Anything....
  6. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    My album collection ranges from Dolly Parton, right through Happy Hardcore and on to Marilyn Manson! (oh and some classical / operatic stuff too)
  7. isoPrint

    isoPrint Member

    Haha Happy Hardcore LOL
  8. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    At one point I owned every bonkers album (I think there were 17 back then) but then I did DJ Hard House and Hard Trance so I sort of had an excuse. lol
  9. isoPrint

    isoPrint Member

    LOL the bonkers albums were as the name says BONKERS haha I love prance more progressive and big room stuff though.
  10. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    Enjoy most things apart from hip hop and rap sort of stuff; generally prefer things like Oasis, Arctic Monkeys and the Rifles, but also love Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble, and some of the more modern stuff like Two Door Cinema Club.
  11. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    Pretty mixed bag for me also. I love classic rock and 80's hair metal bands like Dokken, Maiden, Van Halen, as well as stuff like Hendrix, MC5, as well as reggae, industrial, digital hardcore, death metal, 80's synth. I've also been a big fan of Placebo since I was a teenager but their newer stuff doesn't really do it for me anymore.

    I tend to find a band or particular album that I like and just listen to it constantly until I find another. At the minute I'm loving Warpaint, a female indie/psychedelic band, as well as Lana Del Rey. I've also rediscovered Depeche Mode so have been listening to them on repeat for the last few days.
  12. Moominbaby

    Moominbaby Member

    Black Keys at the mo :)
  13. susnet

    susnet New Member

    I used to produce a lot of music, but these days I just listen while working on artwork and websites.

    Liking the new Calvin Harris track that features on the Pepsi TV advert.
  14. Dope Antelope

    Dope Antelope New Member

    Mostly R&B/Hip Hop/Dubstep/House but i like a range of different songs from all different genres. But those would definately be my main
  15. Crocky

    Crocky New Member

    contemporary classical... unless needing some head space in which case Soul
  16. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    Went to see Plan B last night at Dalby Forest. Was a great gig despite it pissing down & the wife having a barny with someone for no reason! lol
  17. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Lots of stuff, most of it from the past (actually not much stuff and all of it from the past).

    This week's rotation (actually most weeks) includes Scott Walker (older stuff - Scott 1-4 and ...Jacques Brel), Elvis Costello (the loud stuff), Julian Cope (incl. side projects, especially Brain Donor right now) and Pixies/Frank Black (currently Cult of Ray era FB).
  18. Pickles

    Pickles Member

    I too have varied music which I inflict on my other colleagues on a daily basis.

    Personally I like rock and metal. I've listened to a lot of Black Stone Cherry/ Green Day/ J Rock and Queen recently. I then inflict the 60's/70's and 80's in the office, with a few good mashup tracks to mix up some of the drivel that get played constantly on the radio. With working in an international office I've been listing to some Spanish stuff like Sober (Spanish), Los Delinqüentes (Spanish), Little (French) and random Greek stuff!!???
  19. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    Got tickets to see Tidy Boys in September :)
  20. karlnuttall

    karlnuttall New Member


    The Black Keys are awesome.

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