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What keyboard do you have?

Discussion in 'General Software & Hardware Forum:' started by Anagoge, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. Anagoge

    Anagoge Senior Member

    It seems impossible to find a decent keyboard these days. They've all got pointless media keys on or aren't the right shape. I've spent a while trying to find one that I want to buy, but I've given up. So, this is what I'd like:

    1) Black or white full size keyboard - I don't mind what colour it is as long as it isn't beige or two-tone.
    2) No media keys! - They're useless and I'll never use them.
    3) No backlit keys - I don't need yet another source of LEDs in the dark - my monitor and speakers already annoy me.
    4) Must have a power off key - My current keyboard has wake up/sleep/off
    5) Must have properly shaped keys! - So many keyboards have short backspace keys or enter keys that aren't upside down L-shaped.
    6) Must be less than £30 - I want a keyboard, not a spacestation.

    My current keyboard is literally eleven years old but it's been damn good. Unfortunately, I don't know the model number as the sticker has long since fell off. All I know it's that it's a deep blue with black keys, bought in PC World and made by PC Line.

    So, could anyone point me in the direction of a good keyboard, with the above specifications please? If so, I'd very much appreciate it!

  2. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    personally I like microsoft keyboards
  3. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    I am currently using this Microsoft keyboard and it does the job for me!

    Spilt liquid on my laptop a while back and the keyboard now ceases to work so, without having managed to replace it yet, I picked this up cheap enough from Argos and have no faults to pick with it - does what it needs to do and the keys are easy to type with; well shaped, sits up nicely and has no needless keys really.
  4. Anagoge

    Anagoge Senior Member

    Wrongly shaped enter key and no power off key on that MS keyboard. This is what I mean about it being hard to find a good keyboard.
  5. DeanZappy

    DeanZappy Senior Member

    I use the wireless apple keyboard that came this my imac, love it.

    Have a look at the full-size one - Apple Store - £40 new but you can find them on ebay for less than £30

    Not sure if it ticks all of your boxes.
  6. Anagoge

    Anagoge Senior Member

    I've been thinking about an Apple keyboard. I do like the look of them. But, whenever I've used one, I always feel that the space between the keys is slightly too much. This might be purely because you can see the space moreso than on normal keyboards, though. Also, as I'm a Windows user, it'd be silly to have CMD keys in place of where Alt currently is.

    Thanks for the suggestions though. Please please keep them coming as my current keyboard is so used that the spacebar has a dent in it!
  7. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    Ah it isn't quite the one I have then on closer inspection - the enter key on mine is normal.

    May I ask why a keyboard needs a power off button?
  8. Anagoge

    Anagoge Senior Member

    I can shut my computer down via an off button on my keyboard. It's just nice to be able to do it that way, rather than through the start menu.

    As for the enter key, so many keyboards have so many different shapes. The only 'true' enter key is an upside down L, but so many get it wrong. I've used block enter keys but because I'm so used to using an L shape, I find that I miss the key. Similarly for other keys that some manufacturers mess up.
  9. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    anagoge just press the power button on your pc case instead, that shuts down windows too.... Also most keyboards are heading to the single strip button for return now, can't say I've noticed when I've used a different keyboard (I've got one with and one without the 'L')

    No power button on these keyboards but they do have the 'L'
    Kustom PCs ZOWIE CELERITAS Pro Gaming Keyboard UK
    Kustom PCs Logitech K800 Illuminated Wireless Keyboard (illuminated but you can turn it off)
    Kustom PCs Das Keyboard Ultimate (Blank Keys)
  10. Anagoge

    Anagoge Senior Member

    £99, £88 and £102.

    No thanks!
  11. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    I paid 60 quid for a mouse (dropped in price now though) so to me the prices are fine, you pay for good quality stuff lol
  12. Anagoge

    Anagoge Senior Member

    I don't really consider properly shaped keys (and non-LED) to be £100-worthy. Let's be realistic here.
  13. dedwardp

    dedwardp Member

    I paid £4.99 for my mouse and I love it; as long as it's optical it will do for me :eek:
  14. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Apple short slim keyboard. It's great and tucks away when not in use.
  15. Levi

    Levi Moderator Staff Member

    I am being realistic, I don't buy a keyboard and mouse every month, at most it's once a year, usually it's every 2-3 years. Now considering that we spend the most time interacting with our keyboard and mouse (or tablet) on a pc, paying for a good one that is comfortable and/or reduces rsi etc is worth the money in my view.
  16. Thewholehogg

    Thewholehogg Active Member

    Slim keyboard and magic mouse...FREE with your new Mac.

  17. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    I have the one that is attached to my macbook! The last keyboard I used was an old video editing keyboard, which taught me to touch type as there weren't any letters on it!

    If I was going to get one now, I'd probably get one of the apple keyboards. As you said though, function and apple would be pointless.

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