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What is this font? Does anybody know??

Probably a custom graphic and not a functional font per se if it's Rolex. Looks like some kind of authentication watermark.

What do you need it for?


New Member
Just a good font to make watermarks I think. But if it is a custom graphic then I wouldn't be able to make it for my self. Thanks for your answer
If it's a usable font, it's actually two different fonts, one in a sort of negative to the other.

You could get a similar effect by getting the word you want to use, outlining it and repeating it: 'SaibreXSaibreXSaibreXSaibreXSaibreXSaibreXSaibreX...'

Copy that text, then use the pathfinder dialogue in Adobe Illustrator to punch that text shape out of a block of colour to create the negative image and paste it underneath your original text. Using this method, you could create an original image that could then be tiled into a texture/pattern.