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What is this folded poster called?!

Hmm it's like a 3-way concertina fold. If no-one knows the name here the printer/finisher doing the job for you should know how to spec it, and give you the right name for future use.

If you do find out, please post back!


Junior Member
If you are ever unsure what to call a particular fold - do not worry. Things are called different names from region to region and printer to printer and name only can result in an inaccurate interpretation from the estimator. As leelovesbikestoo mentioned creating an accurate spec is more important.
Sending an image as well will really go down well with the estimator.
I would agree that the name of this is a three way concertina fold and is commonly used by the pharmaceutical market. It is quite a specialised job and most printers would not be able to finish this in house as it needs finishing equipment with particular tooling. Companies specialising in this kind of printing and finishing can be found in the UK . Although my company are pretty well set up to be able to print and finish most things, we would send this one to a specialist without doubt.
If you need any help please don't hesitate to get in touch via the printandroid or spiral colour url's and I will try to help put anyone in touch with the right people for a job like this.
Just as Biffa pointed out, it’s a three way concertina fold. It wouldn’t hurt to call around, but it will be difficult to have printed due to the complexity and you might find yourself having to send it to a specialist.