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what is the best off page activity for ranking?

Discussion in 'SEO, Social Media & Online Marketing Forum:' started by rubysethi, Dec 20, 2014.

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  1. rubysethi

    rubysethi New Member

    what is the best off page activity for ranking?
  2. by doing Seo you can get good ranking.
  3. Rich Guy

    Rich Guy New Member

    18 Search Rankings & Engagement Factors You Can’t Ignore

    I hope it will help !![​IMG]

    This is not my original post i get it on Reddit but it's very useful that's why i am sharing it here.

    1. Proper Title Tag Optimization
    2. Descriptions Optimized For Click-Through-Rate
    3. SEO Friendly URL Structure
    4. Headings and Sub-Headings For Readability
    5. Expand Beyond Just Text Posts
    6. Avoid Keyword Stuffing
    7. Image at The Top of Blog Posts
    8. Write For Your Visitor—Not Google
    9. Include External Links to Authority Sources
    10. Interlink Blog Content
    11. Target Long Tail Keywords
    12. Have a Social Presence & Make it Easy to Find
    13. Publish Frequent Content
    14. Publish Frequent Content
    15. Focus on Quality Over Quantity
    16. Encourage Comments
    17. Avoid Re-Published Content
    18. Build a Sitemap

    if you didn't get the point clearly you can ask me in comment section.
  4. JoeInTheMiddle

    JoeInTheMiddle New Member

    I honestly don't think there's one best way any more. Proper SEO is a combination of methods, which are really nicely highlighted in Rich Guy's post. If you focus too much on one single method, particularly link building, you run the risk of looking unnatural to Google which can result in you being penalised.
  5. jamesanderson11

    jamesanderson11 New Member

    Forum Posting, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking and Social Media presence are the some of the best off page activities for ranking
  6. Lata Joshi

    Lata Joshi New Member

    There are lots of off page activities,
    1. Social Bookmarking (Create your business a/c on social websites, like facebook, linkdin, twitter etc. and continue update your product and services)
    2. Bookmarking.
    3. Blog Posting (create your blogs and get comments)
    4. RSS Feed (Summit your RSS feed)
    5. Article submission
    6. PDF Submission
    7. Forum Posting.

    Continue with this activities with patience you will definitely get result.
    I you have any points please ask me...
  7. themecafe

    themecafe New Member

    SEO Off-Page Activities Like
    • Article Submission
    • Blogs Posting
    • Press Release Submission
    • Social Book Marking Submission (40 pages)
    • Business Listing Submission (35 pages)
    • Forum Posting
    • Article Social Bookmarking
    • PPT Submission
    • Infographics Submission
    • Video Posting (Provided by Client)
  8. Jimlad

    Jimlad Well-Known Member

    Do good work and be good to work with.
  9. nicol

    nicol New Member

    I think the best activity is to write awesome content on blog and do guest writing for other blog. And also share that content on relevant social groups so that you get link back from group member.
  10. Davidw

    Davidw Member

    Yes - well said Jimlad.
  11. glenwheeler

    glenwheeler Senior Member

    Having a marketing strategy and write proper content, not fake "I WANT GOOD RANK IMMEDIATELY" content.

    Be Humble and things will come
  12. nylelevi

    nylelevi New Member

    When you guys say social bookmarking, what does that mean? Is that when visitors to your site bookmark your page?
  13. AR1

    AR1 New Member

    The best things is natural SEO. Go for the link bait. Do some survey or research related to your industry and than share the insights on your website, share it on social media using Info graphics. There is a very high likelihood that other webpages will link back to your site to share those marketing research. Even newspapers share such research but it may cost good amount of time.
  14. CPArtisan

    CPArtisan New Member

    • Content Marketing
    • Social Marketing
    • Guest Blogging
    • Forum Posting
    • Blogging Commenting
    • Video Marketing and many more.
  15. Mr.Сoder

    Mr.Сoder New Member

    Business listing, press release , social bookmarking, article posting, blogging are the some of the best off page activities for ranking.
  16. learn2do

    learn2do New Member

    In my opinion, the best off page activity for ranking is article posting, it's more natural than other activity, hard to be considered as spam, and help you to get links from high-quality source.
  17. Nexevowebdesign

    Nexevowebdesign New Member

    Top 5 Off Page SEO Steps,

    1. Forum Posting
    2. Article Sharing
    3. Blog Creation
    4. Press Release
    5. Guest Blogging
  18. Risha Rommi

    Risha Rommi New Member

    blog commenting,forum posting, article writing, and social media like twitter, Facebook, and google plus
  19. kathy johnson

    kathy johnson New Member

    Off page activity is best way to built backlinks.
    following are activity which one should do it on daily basis.
    1. Bookmarking
    2. Article marketing
    3. Directory listing
    4. Business listing
    5. Web 2.0 Promotion
    6. Classified
    7. Forum posting
    8. Infographics promotion
    9. Guest Post
    10. Document Submission
  20. Mangat Singh Dhiman

    Mangat Singh Dhiman New Member

    Best off page activity for ranking :

    1. Social Media
    2. Search Engine Submissions
    3. Blog Posting
    4. Social Bookmarking
    5. Directory Submission
    6. Guest Blogging
    7. Blog Commenting
    8. Article Submission
    9. Forum Signatures
    10. Local Business Listing
    11. Press Release
    12. Video Sharing
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