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What is the best learning site for web program?

For learning web programming I uses w3school. I think it's to helpful and resourceful. And now I wanna to learn more. Guys what are you following and from which site or book. Please help me by suggesting site and book. I will be appreciate!!

Sean Lee-Amies

I follow Google. They have so much content on website design, development, techniques and just so much... it's crazy! You can literally find... anything. It's so easy to use and find specific content, you just have to type some words like "web programming" or "web development tutorials" into a search box and it just throws hundreds of pages of results at you! Genius!
I cannot recommend Google any more highly, it's the best resource for most things!
Hi Jannifar

Plurarsight is the one of the best online tutorials to learn. It has lot of video training courses for all web technologies. They explain the chosen course using video tutorials and tools or popular(Integrated Development Environent) IDE'S

Paul Murray

Staff member
CodeAcademy starts you off with the basics of HTML + CSS, then builds up to include Javascript and Sass, then starts teaching you how to put it all together. There's more advanced lessons as you go, though a lot of it (such as using command-line version control stuff like Git) are useful, but not essential for beginners.
W3shool is the best website for learning the basics and if you want to learn more about web development then you can check Udemy, Codeacademy and Lynda websites. For developing a website HTML and CSS are very important. HTML describes that how the contents will be displayed on the web pages and CSS is used to describe the layout of the web pages. We also use CSS to change the look of a website. But with HTML and CSS, you also need to learn a language to develop the system functionality. For this you can pick a language form JAVA, .NET or PHP and you also need to learn the database to store the user's data into the database.


New Member
Treehouse: The program comes at a monthly cost with two pricing tiers. It works by guiding you along various “tracks” which are meant to teach you a specific skill or programming language from beginner to advanced. In each track, you will take several courses with videos from an instructor, accompanied by structured code walkthroughs and sample quizzes to keep you on pace. Treehouse has tracks that can help with all aspects of building websites and apps, from building the most basic website with no knowledge of HTML or CSS to back-end languages and iOS app development.