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What is the best CMS software to use?

I am trying to enter the world of CMS but as a newby i've no idea which or what software is one to start with?

I need one that is customisable and i can eventually create an e commerce area with.

I'm sure you all started out in my position and I hope someone out there could give me a helping hand in starting off.

It's an important decision so consider your future intentions - if you get enough experience with a good CMS and stick with it, you will be able turn out more good work than if you hop around wasting time with several niche open source offerings.

I have tried several CMS but for serious work I keep coming back to ExpressionEngine which continues to deliver.

EE can act as a high level CMS, a development framework or a hybrid of the two. It's a very well supported and documented commercial product, and the licence cost is relatively trivial for all but the most low budget projects. Also, the standard of add-ons and extensions is extremely good, which is very useful because EE majors on core integrity rather than sprawling feature bloat.

For smaller projects, sometimes WordPress does a nice job although it does have a poor rep for security and it would need to be stuffed full of plugins get ecommerce.

A random choice for cautious consideration: Perch.


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From what I hear Joomla is very complicated, but I can't tell from my own experience.
The only CMS I sort of know is Wordpress, which isn't very hard at all.


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I personally Like Perch, but its designed specifically for entry level content management imho. A more feature rich solution like wordpress would be a good choice, but as pointed our earlier and rightly so, the security aspect and the plugin bloat can cause problems.

Ideally, I would consider a bespoke solution to your needs, that way you will get exactly what your project requires. Its also worth pointing out, a bespoke approach doesn't always mean a more expensive solution then an open source off the shelf once you consider the 'hack' time typically required with most OS.


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Prior to actually having a project that needed a CMS like Joomla I didnt like the look of the big CMSs at all. However, on actually setting up Joomla and choosing a template I delved into the php files, was in css above my head but slowly waded through.

The sites going pretty well now and were nearing the end of the development stages and personally, Ill be using it again.

It works very well with Virtuemart as an ecommerce solution bolt on too.


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I'm using two custom rebuilt CMS's one very expensive the other more streamlined, both have their problems, as I imagine all non-own built do.