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What is Google Wave?


Senior Member
that's a lovely animation.

i know see part of the enthusiasm, it's the other shyte that advertised when they initially announced it that i was like "WEH? WHHHY?"


Senior Member
Probably the same marketing technique as Gmail, Google realise that everyone wants to be part of the exclusive club especially webz0rs like us. So by making it invite only you'll soon see fellow webz0rs like us selling invites on ebay and forums despite the fact it'll be free for public use soon :)

Replace webz0rs with insult or similar :)

Awesome annimation as well. Simple, to the point, Non distracting and above all - informative.
AMAZING :D simple and effective! really nice work.. ty for share!

BTW this version beta is horrible no contact list no friends no conversation no waves :(