What if it's you the 2020 Olympics Logo Designer?


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* DesignInARK.com crowdsource their first design contest which consist in defining a logo concept for 2020 Olympics: “2020 Olympics Logo - Let's be one step before the facts“. Short description of the project: “Supposing that Rome and Tokyo are the favourites cities for hosting 2020 Olympics we want to design a logo for one of this cities. It's up to you to chose between Tokyo and Rome, depending on your inspiration.

So, take your pens, mouses, pads, pets or whatever you fill like and let's draw this logo and show the world what a good freelancers community is able to do.“
DesignInARK.com will choose three winner designs, independently of the chosen olympic city like follows :

  • 1st Prize consist in 500 Euros and a special article on the designer
  • 2nd Prize consist in 200 Euros
  • 3rd Prize consist in 100 Euros
All three winning designs will appear on the DesignInARK.com brochures, next to designers names and will be subject for our promoting campaign.

The challenge will begin on Monday 10, October 2011, at 9.00 AM EEST


PS The contest is guaranteed for fun and the three prizes

Paul Murray

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Levi said:
didn't you know, crowd sourcing is the in thing for major companies of late :down:
Yeah, and it seems everyone's jumping on the 'build a ****ty crowdsourcing website to get rich' bandwagon.