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What idiot decided to design the "Channel One" logo?


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There are some really good designers on here, capable of developing fantastic identities and in colleges and universities around the world, there are passionate people willing to do everything possible to come up with something that looks fantastic.

And then we have the Channel One logo.

And mediocre site to go with it.

Channel One - Home

What half-arsed agency decided to knock this up in their lunch break? It frustrates the hell out of me that it's nowhere near adequate for a TV channel, especially as it replaces what was fairly decent branding of Virgin One.



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I don't hate it though, when you consider they devote a quarter of there days programming time to Stark Trek, they aren't pushing for anything stressful.

I don't know how I would present the brand myself, it is a difficult one.


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So that's the reason for not finshing the curve off the end of the 'o' smoothly!
Funny timing for you to bring it up Neil :)


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oh great so the only channel that really shows sci fi on freeview is now being shut down. I'm not sure how sky 3 and virgin 1 (or channel one) is that similar, sky 3 has loads of repeats of project catwalk/runway while virgin 1 has loads of repeats of star treks (and chuck). Not saying either option is bad as I like all listed but still. Switching it for a game show channel, come on thats just rubbish, it's almost as bad as a channel purely for selling crap gadgets, oh wait there's loads of them.

All I can say is sky 3 better be getting some new stuff then as I've pretty much watched all their decent programs already. I am so glad I have a US vpn so I can watch us shows over the internet.


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I've got virign media, and the loss of Bravo and Channel/virgin one, more or less makes the reason I am paying for it pointless! Ok I like having the discovery channels...

How is Bravo similar to Sky 1?

Sky 3 doesn't broadcast anything I like really. The odd episode of futurama, but I've got them all on DVD!
Designer 1 : We got to redesign Channel One's logo.
Designer 2 : Aw man, now? Let's have some beers first.
Designer 1 : Tell you what. Let's quickly finish this & ten we'll binge.
Designer 2 : Okay cool.
Designer 1 : OK, so I though of writing 'channel' on top & 'one' in a ribbon-like flowing thingy, like Virgin Media has.
Designer 2 : Sweet. Make the ribbon red.
Designer 1 : 'Cause Virgin Media is in red?
Designer 2 : Uh..okay. If you say so. Add some shadow to it too.
Designer 1 : *burns a bit of red*
Designer 2 : What font? Arial Rounder?
Designer 1 : Nah too common.
Designer 2 : How about...Quicksand?
Designer 1 : Hmm..perfect! We are almost done!
Designer 2 : Kern. Don't forget to kern.
Designer 1 : Okay done! Now let's go drink some beer. You're buying.

Just a humourous take of the conversation between designers of Channel One. Could have been funnier but I am not so witty.
P.S: Certain facts could be wrong, like Virgin Media being called Channel One now.


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Jazajay said:
No wonder I can't get you on MSN in the afternoon. :lol:
well they've stopped them now, its tabatha's salon takeover and they're on at 11-12 in the morning so it must be work making me ignore you in the afternoon :p


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Jazajay said:
And there's me thinking it's my annoying, egotistical personality. :lol:
how'd you find out that I'd been saying that about you, I thought I told them to keep it quiet :mad:


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Well surprisingly it was because I said huh get Levi not answering my messages I bet he's watching loose women, I mean talk about a guy whos egotistical and annoying and they said how do you know that's what he said about you? :lol:

But I have to admit that logo does suck, and my worst skill at design is logo making. :)