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What gets you out of a ruck?


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Right now I have a unquie problem, I currently work a night job 7 on 7 off.
Now this obviously gives me half the year off, well when you include 30 days holiday more than that, so it is ideal for working on my site/free lance.

Now the problem on my 7 off is that at the moment I cant be arsed to do anything of my main site. I know what needs to be done, I know how to do it, but I just think sod it I'm at home, whats on telly, why not complete that level on such and such game, even though I have done it before, I just cant get motivated to do it, when I try to sit down and do it, I always think of a reason not to, I know I'm doing it but I just cant seem to stop it.

When I'm working nights I actually do loads of my site at work, but the problem is I've just taken 3 weeks off, well actual 1 week holiday so it equals 3 weeks until I'm back, I've just had a week off and done absolutely nothing of my website, even though I could have done a 3rd of what I have left, if not more.

So the question is how do I actually get on with it, with so many distractions?

I have 2 kids at home, so turning the telly/cartons off is not worth the hassle, but I just cant seem to get started.

What do you guys and gals do to get round the "O god it's another day," attitude, and get on with it?


Note: Tried to find the best place to post this Greg and Mr Lee, this seemed the most logical, but if you want to move it that's fine.


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I had this issue quite a lot; I would say 'oh I'll just tidy this or sort that, then I'll have more of a clear head to do my designs/work/website' - but it meant never getting around to it.
The only solution I had was to go for a drive, as eventually I would feel guilty for not working on it, and drive home and do some work, whilst I still had the motivation.
I think sometimes you try and do too much in one go, but if you just do bitsize bits during the day (among the housework / watching the kids / walking the do / eating) then over a day you'll probably get more done.


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Yeah I think that is what I have got to do TBH.

I had an idea on improving an image so I just opened up fireworks yesturday and changed it, it looked really good, so I opened up my HTML editor and spent about an hour and a half getting it to work not in an image form.

I think if I had said to myself right today sit down at the computer change the image then code it I probably wouldn't, but by not thinking about it I "tricked" :) myself into doing more.

I actually picked up a night shift last night, as they where short, and my manager has placed a sign in the office saying something like ~ Aim low, reach your goals and avoid disappointment.

Now I actually thought of this post when I read it and thought, arr the answer, lol.

But yeah I think you are right.

Cheers for takng the time, much appreciated.



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Hey Jaz,

This forum is fine for your thread, so no worries there :)

As Caroline says above it might be best to break down into smaller bits, it's often difficult to get motivated to get round to personal projects/sites when you have other stuff going on, but if you have that long list of To Do broken down into smaller jobs then you'll find it easier to tackle. Just try and set yourself smaller goals to get bits done, even if it's only minor things it's still a start and helping you in the right direction. Then set aims and goals, like I'll do 'x' hours on the site then take a break, or I'll complete these jobs on the site, then go out, etc.
A good way is to see if you can find somewhere to work other than home, this worked wonderes for me as there is always something to be getting on with at home.


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I would happily take my laptop to the library TBH, but I would probably get kicked out as my kids ran riot, :D

That is pretty much my problem I think.
Thanks for the suggesstion though, very much appreciated.


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Hay think I'm having a good day, I've done a tiny alignment issue on 1 page, then did another 1 on another page, then did another issue on another page, but then the poop hit the fan, first I accidentally removed all the i's in the page and replaced them with nothing, that was a fun 2 minuites, I never realized how many i's there where in a page TBH.

Then I looked at that page and thought o this would be good if I add a ranking script and a comment script and display them both as well, and link the comment script into another page.

So now technically I'm actually futher behind then when I started on the to do list today, and have added 2 ajax scripts, and 3 pages to the end of the to do list as well.

Hummm......not sure if it is a good day or a bad 1 now :confused:
Maybe tommorow if I don't do any work the to do list wont get any bigger, and my work load will actually decrease. Hummm......now thats a thought. :D

Where's the TV guide for tommorrow, getting ready for a hard day working already, lol.