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What font is that? (online identifying failed on that one)

Discussion in 'Font Forum:' started by Joanna, Aug 31, 2016.

  1. Joanna

    Joanna New Member

    Could you please help me to identify the font?
    Ive tried at 2 webpages already but no result.
    Also went through over 200 script fonts and still no result.
    Maybe it's reworked in PS (for a logotype purpose), but it does not matter to me, I like the thin and simple line of the writing, other script fonts are thicker and more exaggerated.
    Or maybe you know something similar?
    Thanks in advance
    Jo hello-sunshine-desktop_01small.jpg
  2. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I'd wager it's hand-done (or using vectors in Illustrator) since the loops in the Ls are slightly different.
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  3. scotty

    scotty Well-Known Member

    It's similar to a font called "Wendy"
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  4. Joanna

    Joanna New Member

    Paul, thanks, that was also one of my thoughts, but now I see the Wendy Light LP fits to my project just perfectly. Thank you so much for that Scotty!!
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