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What does he think he is?

(Shameless self promotion follows)

I'm Mark Lea - Photographer, sometime web designer and longtime guitar player. Recently returned to photography after a 20 year break! Seriously making up for lost time.

Looking forward to getting involved here at designforums.

Thanks for reading

Liverpool Photographer Mark Lea


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Hi Mark,

Welcome to Design Forums, we will soon be adding a dedicated forum area for photography so good to hear you're back and making up for the lost time :)

Look forward to hearing more from you around the forums.



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Feel free to add your website link to your signature Mark :)
Just click 'My DF' at the top then 'Edit Signature' on the left.



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Welcome aboard.

yes nice site, very clean, also I like the take on the light box effect, rather than fading to black the fade to white makes for a refreshing change.

Thanks again guys.

I did agonize over the site, I wanted something clean and simple but (hopefully) not boring. I'm not a fan of most photography sites, they're either flash which I didn't want - as I wanted to tag my images, or they look like the the content was shoehorned into a layout designed for something else.

@Sunburn thanks for the comments about the light box. I wanted a neutral space for the viewing the photos and I generally prefer light backgrounds.


PS here's a link to just some of the designs I went through...there's lots more LOL