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What do you think?


Junior Member
Hi everyone,

After days of thinking i've come up with ONE business name I could use lol and it's........(wait for it)...ZPGRAFIX...?? anyone think it's a good name for a graphic design business? The business is going to sell business cards, letterheads, mousepads, stickers etc for businesses. All the designs would be created by me or if my client wants there own design then they can just send it to me and I can print it on any of the products they choose but let me know your thoughts. I'm trying to set this up before Christmas & new years..If anyone has any good names I could use then please let me know :)

Thank you :)


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Well, as you have asked for our opinions, it would be bad not to give it, and while my mother always told me "stop eating you'll get fat" ... oh wait the other time.... "if you don't have anything nice to say, dont say anything" I feel that honest critique is a very good thing...

Firstly I am not a fan of the name at all.. it gives off the impression of a very unprofessional business. This is a personal feeling on the use of the X (and your use of giving it all in capitals, which I don't know if it was for the intention of making it bolder, or because it will always be in capitals)

Do you have a set of current work pieces to provide? Do you have contact with a company that can produce the objects you are going to sell? Have you researched whether it is a viable business in your local area (or whether you would have to branch further) and either way whether you can accommodate to such needs (travel etc.)

If the client is creating their own designs, surely they should contact printers directly and not yourself (as I assume from the post that you do not own a full printing factory for these operations)

Christmas & (or?) New years .... is 4 / 11 days away respectively.... To create a company from nothing in that time frame is for want of a better word, ridiculous... It should take time, planning, careful thought, especially as you are offering nothing new or unique and hence will not sell on that alone.

Anyway :) just my 2£


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thankyou for the reply..well i've been planning this business for a while so I know what to do so I just need to make the site which I can do and need to host it online and I have my products and everything I just need a name for the business..but..i thought of another name overnight which was..'Genuine Graphics'?? anyone think that's a good name for a business? and thankyou renniks i'll keep that in mind. :)


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I don't like the name, myself. As Renniks said above, I think it looks unprofessional. Not only the 'X' but the word/name itself looks awkward (or what I would regard as an "awkward" word - very much like my feelings about the "Sci-Fi" channel rebranding itself as "Syfy", awful, awful, awful.

I think the sign of a good business is one that you can trust, and people tend to trust people that are intelligent when in regards to dealing with trade.

I have no comment on the business side of things though.

Good luck with all your endeavours though :)
i can see people typing zap in instead of zp mainly due to how it would be pronounced. is it ment to be zeee peee graphics or zzppp graphics. if the latter i can see clients saying zapgrahpics when passing on details thus typing in the domain wrong etc