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What do you do when not working?

as above what do you do when your not working?

I go to the gym, although I'm falling apart at the moment with a dodgy back, hip and arm / shoulder. Love my xbox, I love my films!! horror's my favourite!! and obviously love music, but the thing i do every week without fail is watch EASTENDERS!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

also a big fan of cooking! Like experimenting i have a dish called 'sausage surprise' as if you find a sausage its a surprise as sometimes there is no sausage! lol
I'm usually on the computer lol. I LOVE the outdoors though, but for some reason I am indoors most of the time. I need to get outside more lol. Oh look, time to walk my dog haha.
I have 2 children so whenever I'm not working, it's because I'm looking after them. I recently took up Yoga which I'm forcing myself to fit into my days and I do like to read a bit if I get the chance, but it's not often I have any spare time!