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What do you do in the quiet times?

So, I'm sure everybody who freelances (or not!) goes through some down time where there's very little or no work on. Just curious to find out what do you do during those times?
What do you do to find more work, or do you just sit back and wait for it to come in, or do you do research, refine your skills etc? Do you have any helpful tips that have got you through those times?
I tend to hunt for business, going through old emails catching up with past clients, reminding them that I'm there, seeing if there's anything I can help with, or if I'm pushing a certain product I'll get in touch. I also use Treehouse etc to learn new things. I also sit around watching the TV on my Mac a lot of the time too :p but that's homeworking for you!
Cheers ya'll


Active Member
I have an agent, so they do a lot of promotion for me. Whenever I have down time I like to take that time to rest since my work has been coming in groups. I do a lot of personal illustration work and catch up on hobbies I like to do. I go to the local ice rink and go skate to relax. When my work picks up I have less time to get away to skate so I like to do it when I'm free. Usually when my mind is completely off work, then the client work comes in. :)
As i've not been freelancing long, i have quite a lot of 'down time'! Much of it is spent looking for work.. searching online, contacting past clients, approaching local companies or design agencies. I also like to work on personal projects, the sort of stuff i wouldn't get to do for clients (yet, anyway!) and am also thinking about making/selling some of my own products so researching and playing around with that.

Sean Lee-Amies

Honestly right now in my down time I'm not thinking of work! I've been freelancing a little while now and am certainly past the point of having lots of free time! So when I'm not working I'm usually either seeing my partner/going out with her, playing tennis and occasionally playing a PC game.
How far have you got with selling your own products Florio?


Staff member
The first thing I'd do is relax a bit then do some personal work/self promotion
.........then I'd shit myself a bit.
When I am not working I use that time to create made-up projects, which will be useful portfolio pieces to show when looking for an in-house position. Design books and skills-improvement sessions are also frequent. In fact, I take one non-degree class every semester in a design college.
When I have downtime....and that's pretty damn often, I play a lot of golf and spend an inordinate amount of time hitting refresh on the old inbox.
Just about got past the point of worrying if work will find it's way in now. Got into the mindset of just trusting that it will.
I would love to do a whole load of creative self made projects and stuff. But if I'm honest, I enjoy playing golf, drinking beer and smoking myself to an early grave than I do sitting in front of the computer wiggling my mouse in illy.