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What do you collect?

I was wondering what you collect? I don't collect much, mostly because of space-and-money issues :p But some things I do collect:

-My little ponies (I started yesterday, so it DOES count!)
-Cartoons, well only one, a Norwegian one called Nemi. The londoners might know it, it goes in the paper Metro Nemi | Metro.co.uk
-Harry Potter books

That qualifies me as a geek, doesn't it?


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software for mac.

otherwise, nothing. i'm not good with keeping stuff together....

OOHOOOOH I collect planes you can put together :D like a giant concorde one.


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Books, on anything and everything. Including comic books and graphic novels (yes that does make me a geek too!)



(The last two seem quite normal, but I have abnormal amounts of them!)

Alcoholic memorabilia (Jack Daniels, Guinness), Most presents, and the odd stolen pint glass.

The only other thing I collect on a regular basis is dust.
Oh, I forgot one thing! I collect Neil Gaiman-stuff. His books mostly. I guess you can call it "collecting" when you buy everything from one author, eh?

Aarlev: How cool :D

Psygon: Those are so cool!


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- Domain Names
- Business/Entrepreneur Autobiographies (wasn't aware until I looked up and realized that they dominate my book collection!!)
-Old .Net magazines (same as above, it's just crept up on me!)


I use to collect comics like a right little nerd until I sold what I had to another collector because I didn't have the space.

About 4 months back I got the urge to start again, haven't got many but I've getting there.


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A guy I used to work for and I went through a phase about 2 years ago of buying old games consoles and games. We had, Super Nintendo, Sega Megadrive, Spectrum ZX, Comodore 64 and a gameboy. Almost every day a new game would turn up in the office for one of us, tapes & cartridges we spent a stupid amount of time on ebay


I used to flat share with a guy who collected Apple Macs.. had 86 of them i think, turned them into furniture.. like coffee tables and fish tanks.. was crazy as hell LOL