What did you want to learn but couldn't?

Clara Sammy

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There's always something all of us have wanted to learn but couldn't. For me, it is SEO. I have always wanted to learn how are they crunching numbers through GA and checking different sites for backlinks, links and heaps of links. It gets a little overwhelming for me. I have registered myself for HubSpot course but could never complete it, either it was because of work OR was too dry for me to understand. I am trying to get my focus on completing Google Analytics certification so that it can be a start. Anyone else going through with same?


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Haven’t used GA for years as there are much better analytics applications.

Most of SEO these days has got nothing to do with links, it what you put on the site that matters.

And GA can’t help you with this. Your webmaster console is a better source of information.


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Web design / coding

I am just not code minded, I can dig myself out of a hole but I'm just way more comfortable and able with graphics than coding and programming