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What did you play lately?


I know it's a little simple topic but I'm curious if you play something at free time.

I'm big fan of Q3 so I'm in love with Quake Live and you?
I haven't really played Computer Games for ages but I recently borrowed a mates Wii and got quite addicted to Super Mario Galaxy. :)


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@Tim- I finally got to use the Batman smiley!! :D

Mario Kart on the Wii is great fun!
I Just don't get the time to play games recently :(


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lol ! gotta say ross amuses me the most on here! :D

@Greg: Yeah, it was obvious you were trying to use it recently ! :D Seriously, we should have a DF tournament of MKWii, it's awesome, and I'd thrash the crap outta you!

@Aarlev: Seriously, don't try it, buy it. Best thing ever.


been also playing MarioKart Wii and Super Mario Galaxy... My girlfriend is playing Animal Crossing: Lets go to the City... :lol:


the Wii is a marvelous way of getting away from the PC and stuff like that .. I still really enjoy playing WiiSports too... the tennis and stuff like that is great fun :)

havent played any PC games since beta testing World of Warcraft many MANY years ago, which was a bit poop.
shaqal said:
Shame, I'm alone about PC games :p
Really, Wii is so good?
I used to play loads of PC games and was addicted to Counter Strike for 2 years. Also played lots of RPG's like Baldurs Gate etc. My current PC can't run any of the new games unfortunately, but when I get a new one I might start playing a bit on the PC again. First Person Shooter games are best on the PC in my opinion. So you're not all alone :)


FPS's are starting to make it out of the PC into the consoles.. going to start playing one of the WW2 ones on the Wii soon :) which should be interesting to see how it handles it :D
chrismitchell said:
FPS's are starting to make it out of the PC into the consoles..
Yeah. I just don't like playing them as much with a Gamepad. I feel I have more control with the mouse/keyboard combination. Gears of War on the X360 was brilliant though!


Well the interesting thing is that all the consoles have the option of a wireless keyboard... i'm sure that there would be a way of playing with one of those if that was your preference LOL