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What dictates the LOGO style


Junior Member
When you are designing a logo do you think about the end user? ie is it for a business that markets to other businesses, yummy mummies, OAPs, high street etc? Is there a big difference in what appeals to each of these market, or do you think it is more important to consider the businesses activity, ie toys, food, alternative energy, art, widgets etc?


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Hi Bee

The end user is your only concern, in many ways. Design is all about communication. As a designer it's your job to send the clients message to their audience, through a graphic medium. That's the first thing to consider.

Of course logos can be a lot more complex. They have to say a lot in a simple and easy way. But you do have to be very aware of who the logo is aimed at so you can be sure that the message you have be hired to project is being sent effectively.

As in all things you won't please everyone, but you have to make sure you please your employers target demographic.

And yes, there is a huge difference in how you approach different target audiences. For example you would design a boyband poster aimed and teenage girls in a different way to a Daniel O'Donnell poster aimed and the older lady! (My Nan is a big fan :) )

Research is your best friend in this problem, you need an in depth understanding of the people you are trying to connect with through your work, to make sure it's catered for them.
For me when designing a logo for any business you have to take everything from the business activities to the target market into consideration. When designing a logo, a lot of research should be done on what sort audience the business targets, you have to take the style of the audience and use it in the design in some way, i.e. if the audience is children then you give the logo an easy read, happy style (if you get my meaning :S). The target audience is really what helps decide the actual style of the logo, where as the business activities part dictates what is added to the logo to make it more meaning to the clients business.


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Thanks Krey and Ben that was very helpful.
The logo I am working on is very much targeting the Fired Earth / Feather down camping / Watrose / Planet earth / Farmers Markets sort of customer. I am imagining clean modern text, earthy though slightly fresh colours with possibly a simple logo, what do you think?