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What cms/e-commerce solution is right for me?

Hey guys,

I have always made static websites and always feared the task of learning how to incorporate a content management system.

I have been looking around for a simple CMS that will allow me to implement it into my current static designs, rather than create templates bound by the restrictions of the CMS.

I have recently re-designed x factor computers ~ computer specialists based in maianbar & bundeena (a site for my family's small home business) and i would like to be able to use a CMS to add products.

[edit - try http://www.xfactorpcs.com/static/index.html - im starting to work on oscommerce so i moved the old one here]

The process at the moment is duplicating pages and changing the content. I realise how horribly noob this is and i would love to be able to forget i ever did it :p

If anyone can have a look at the site and point me in the direction of a CMS that i would be able to use for this i would greatly appreciate this. My main concern is having it look very similar to what i have now, would my current designs even be able to be made dynamic?

I am currently looking into using osCommerce and the STS (simple template system) but i cannot figure out exactly how to use it. If anyone knows please do tell.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post!


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I don't really know of a free store to use, so I can't recommend anything TBH unless you have a reasonable budget. Like the look of the new homepage, well nice.


there is a free shopping cart (secure and using Paypal stuff aswell as credit cards) plugin for Wordpress :) I use it :) its very good :)
That sounds awesome Chris! I would prefer to use wordpress rather than Oscommerce because there is so much documentation and support for it. Seems like i'll have to give it a try.



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@chris: wow, could you link us up?

@furto: Maybe it's just me but I'm really not keen on OSCommerce. Really annoys me for some reason. used it in the past.
All very helpful thanks for all the replies.

WordPress › WP e-Commerce WordPress Plugins looks like it beats the lot, the great back end usability of wordpress with the functionality of a e-commerce cms.. yes please!

One liiittle problem is that i have never really used wordpress that much before. Is it difficult to implement all this awesomeness into my current website? or should i conver my current site to a theme or something. Any advice for the massive wordpress noob would be appreciated.

X Factor Computers - here is what i have figured out so far.

x factor computers ~ computer specialists based in maianbar & bundeena - and here is what i want it to look like ><

Again, thanks for all your support guys!