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What can I improve on this logo?




The logo is for an search engine optimization company and the client says the logo is missing something, I tried hard to put some elements into it but it doesnt satisfy me, Can anyone please recommend any thing I can add on to the design?

(old logo)

" Now I want to spice it up and do a re-brand. I am looking for something more whiter, and crisp to be able to place over light blue, dark blue, light red, light gray, dark gray.

The winner needs to provide the logo in original format (EPS, PNG, or PSD) to be able to edit (ALL LAYERS) or change colors or do anything possible to it."

BTW The client needs the logo to be good when placed in various background colours


Active Member
get rid of that 'tone' thing that is all over every piece of work you do. It's kid's stuff, not needed for Corporate Identity work


Senior Member
im loving the detail of that brief.

i agree with berry, it may look "snazzy" but it's defo not needed for serious work.

the original logo seems much nicer to me, i'd still be happy with it tbh.


Staff member
loose the web 2.0 a logo doesn't have that when its designed, thats added later if you want it. Work in simple black and white tones, you know the basic approach is often clearer at finding the best look as they're all the same.

Didn't you use the > (rotated) symbol on the other (was it another web engine thingy?) design too.

Tim, I'm loving the brief too, a fully editable corporate rebranding, wonder what he's getting for his troubles on this one - $50-100 maybe :)