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What are people doing for new year?

Hi Guys,

I just was wondering what people are up to for new year? It's always an expensive night in town so do people have alternatives? I'm at my brothers house party this year! Was meant to be going to see Tiesto but that totally fell through when my friend get his dates mixed up! Should be a good show in New York though I guess thats where he will be playing new years eve!

So what will you guys be up to?


I'm having some friends over and we're doing a dinner party with some nice food and wine :) then watching some films maybe... something a bit sedate :) not in the mood for a crazy one really :)


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Don't know what it is, the last couple years I have just not really done anything special for New Years. I usually just stay home, I guess by choice mostly. I have to admit I am not much of a party person. Like most though I would probably make an exception for good friends. And I would so come to a DF party to meet all of you in person if it were possible.:D


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Going to a friends for a small party, only 8 of us, but did the shopping for stuff the other night and was £13 each so will be a lot cheaper then going out! and getting served should be a bit easier too :D

Always found going out for NYE to be a disappointment, expensive to get in, long queues at the bar, and usually way too busy!
Going to a cheesy 80's night in East London called Carpet Burn. It's only a tenner in, and I'm just gonna get sloshed beforehand so I don't have to queue for 6 hours to get drunk. :)


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Party at our lasses sisters house involving Stella, whiskey, sambuca, vodka and red bull :)

Guaranteed to get messy as it always does!

The thing is here in Edinburgh everyone always says "Oh you simply have to go into the town to celebrate hogmany". Erm no....

Spend hours standing around in the cold surrounded by 250,000 maniacs in kilts even though it's 50 below....
Watch the fireworks which you can actually see from my house even though I live a good five miles from the centre...
Spend the next six months trying to get a taxi/bus home along with the other 250,000 aforementioned maniacs...
Swearing never again...

When I say 250,000 that is actually a conservative estimate. Princes street in Edinburgh and the area surrounding the castle is utter mayhem on New Years eve and you quite literally cannot move for the crowds.


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Edinburgh sounds like it's best avoided then! Have thought about going upto London for NYE before, but came to the conclusion it would be pretty much like what you described above Phil!

OT: Soren's back!!? :)