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Senior Member
Those with a Twitter account might've seen that people are tweeting #welovekevinjonas.
Obviously this is just a stunt from a bunch of teenage girls. So why don't we pull a DF stunt? :D
It was said on Conan that Kevin doesn't get as much love as Joe and Nick. Fans are showing support for Kevin, proving that they do love Kevin.
There is an article on what you need to become a trending topic, let me find that back :clap:
Perhaps with the next DF competition? That would certainly bring some new members here.


Senior Member
I can't find back the article... But yes it requires quite a lot of tweets from a number of different people in a short period of time. And it also depends on what time you're tweeting and how many people are online. But once it's in there, people we don't know start tagging their tweets too ;)


Senior Member
i participated in one with #FARTS (tila) and it became 2nd trending topic before they deleted it. Tila has like almost 500,000 folowers and the trend even made the news (local internet news)


Active Member
If every member of DF was active, had a Twitter account and sent a tweet out at exactly the same time, we might stand an outside chance!! :D


Senior Member
Well if you really want, and then this is purely for promotional purpose towards the next competition, there probably are services out there that get you into the trending topics for a small fee.