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Well mannered, polite vandalism

Tom Sound

Active Member
Look at this on the park gate just down the road from my office, they're culling the deer at the moment...

Such well mannered graffiti!

Also someone sent me this put up by an artist in Brighton



Senior Member
I love the sign one hahaha.

And the WKD one is good, but it doesn't really mean anything. The association with WKD is non-existent which is a shame.
That WKD one may be slightly dark humuor, but its a lovely twist on their stupid advertising campaign. I hate the stuff, and cant stand alcopops (this is where im a bit old fashioned).
They market them as for people who are mischeivious, but in reality, the 'bad taste' parody
in question is what alcopops more often than not lead to.

It's also very well made