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Well Hi there!

Helloo Everyone!
Firstly i just want to say, i Love this forum! I've had a browse around and your all awesome! I can tell i'm going to have some fun here!
Alittle bit about me, Well i'm 19 and i've been working as "Designer and Website Manager" for a company near Manchester for about 10 months now. I'm also going to Uni in September at Lincoln To study Graphic Design. So i'll have letters after my name in about 3 years.
I joined the forum because i'd like to know more about the world of work in the Graphic Design field and more about Graphic Designers in general. Because from what i've seen currently at my work. It's not very good. (Bad company)
So Thanks for reading! See you guys around!

Tony Hardy

Welcome along, get posting some stuff :)
I think with Graphic Design, you get 2 letters ;) BA?
Hi KittiMalkin,
Always great to hear someone going to university to study design. I think formal training will give your skills an extra boost.
Welcome to the forum!
Hi and welcome. Your working as a design manager and your of to uni? how does that work? Isn't that the kind of job you want to try and get when you are finished with uni?
balders said:
Hi and welcome. Your working as a design manager and your of to uni? how does that work? Isn't that the kind of job you want to try and get when you are finished with uni?
Firstly sorry for the long reply! didn't see the comments
and yeah it's kinda of stupid really. The company i work for is in a word... terrible. ( and i was actually fired last tuesday for being signed off for 4 weeks with Severe Work Related Anixiety. All because my boss couldn't be bothered paying my sick note). But long story short, the old designer left with depression (because of the company) and i got her job, i was production assistant for ages and then they "promoted" me to "designer and Website Manager"... But really i wasn't do anything different than i was before, just had a more fancy title. The reason i'm going to uni, is because i want the qualifications to be able to get the job in other companys and to learn more about graphic design. But mainly because i wasn't going to stay at a terrible company, no matter what my title was :).
And HI Sean, of course :)!
Sounds like a messy company! In any case, it's still good to say you have work experience in design & web ;)
One thing I would suggest whilst at uni: keep your own freelance work going (although don't over do it) as this will help you find and get the job at the right company you want to when you're done.
Stick around and you'll benefit form these forums. Welcome!

Sean Lee-Amies

I would definitely agree with maintaining a freelance portfolio. Some times companies can really screw you over and it's best not to allow them to dominate your career prospects, always have something else to rely on just in case.


Well-Known Member
Ouch, sounds like they're a bit clueless. I know of a man who got "promoted" to being the technical support for the whole company... he used to just lift the user restrictions and let us get on with what needed doing half the time!
yeah that pretty much sounds like the company i worked for. I did a show guide for them and had to keep stopping and starting because they didnt have the content for me (took 6 months to complete due to lack of communication). Then they took it off me and gave it to another designer who doesn't even work the company because i quote " He's brilliant and can get it done quicker)...... The directors need putting down tbh!


Staff member
Sad fact is that some people will push you to burnout and beyond.
I was once working on a VERY stressful project from 6am in the morning shadowed by pixel pushing bosses the whole time.
At midnight I finished up (exhausted) and they just said "right, now we want it doing in Quark" knowing full well I didn't use it.
I swear that they were just pushing me to see how far I'd go.
Some people :rolleyes:
Taught me a valuable lesson though.
Good luck at Uni. :D