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well hello there!


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Long time no speak! been busy doing lots of non design related boring stuff but im helping a friend out and need someone to code, will be basic html/css no dyanmic content and prob less than 6 pages of content.

I know this is a useless brief and there will be full detail to follow (once in writing). Rather than quotes id just like to know if anyones interested?

Will be from a psd so code only and 33% deposit of whatevers agreed upfront (of course).

SOrry for lame post and hello anyone new :)

Brendan 'br3n' Patterson - Designer of furniture & graphics < older stuff.


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Hi Br3n, where have you b33n? (see what I did there)
Welcome back, hope all is good!

Will move this thread to tenders section, and imagine Andy (tbwcf) Geoff (Sunburn) and Harry (Wizard!!) would be the people for this job.



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Geeza hows it going?

You managed much sessions over summer? Moving down your way maybe in next few months!

Anyway if you get stuck and need some coding ping us a bell!


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:D good thanks! msg'd you on facebook :p

Right - if anyone else is interested have a read of this and PM me


Ive got a meeting with the guys on monday (although already had one) and I need to have an idea of costs and different options for them so I can discuss what the best option for them will be, in terms of value but with future developments in line.

So, the design hasn't been finalised yet but it is likely to be something along these lines:

The actual website:
Maximum 10 pages (1 gallery using something like lightbox)
1 contact page with contact form
Each page will be much the same layout with varied content within
Must be easy to update/change in the future (HTML/CSS)

The build:
I will suply PSD document for website design & unformated content
Strict deadline, must be operational before october 20th

If your still interested at this point (full detailed brief to follow) I need to know the following:

- How much you would like to charge:
- Any complications you expect or information you require
- If you are willing to take on a "updates role" - ammending or adding new content and at what additional cost
- How much extra would it be to impliment a CMS system or similar method for the client to control content

Im willing to pay 33% of whatever we agree upfront before you start on anything and the remaining 67% on completion. If there is anything else you need to know at this stage please contact me, otherwise if you could prepare some quotes for various different builds (varied levels of complexity) and let me know BEFORE MONDAY (4th/OCT) that would be fantastic, thank you very much!