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Well hello - it's been a long time


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Hi all,

Thought I'd say a little hello to everyone as I haven't been on Design Forums in a loooooong time. I have no idea who still uses this forum but I can still see a few familiar names. I've changed my screen name from allyally2k to Sweetsmith - as Sweetsmith is my business name and website.

So a little bit about me:

I'm 28 from Middlesbrough, North East
I studied Graphic Design at Teesside Uni
I've been working as an in house Graphic Designer for the last 6 years. I also do freelance work and i've slowly been building up my portfolio in my spare time (what spare time!)
I get a lot of requests for bespoke wedding stationery and I really like this kind of work, so I'm hoping to really focus on promoting what I can offer and to promote my business more in the next few months/year.

I have a baby boy, Max who has just turned 1!

When I last used this forum i found it very helpful and it was good to chat with like minded people... so looking forward to getting invloved again.

Hey! Nice to hear from you. I don't think I was around when you were - I'm guessing you recognize the likes of Levi or Greg?

There have been changes of management and so on but overall not extremely busy forums, which i guess is a global online trend, unfortunately.

It would be good but I think near to impossible to boost the overall use. Oh, and congrats on your baby!

Sean Lee-Amies

Welcome to the forums... again! I don't think we met but It's great to have you back :)


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Sean Lee-Amies said:
Welcome to the forums... again! I don't think we met but It's great to have you back :)
Pretty sure you did but you were a fresh face newbie so it was a fair while ago :p


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Welcome back. You should post some pics of the bespoke wedding stationery you've done when you get a chance.