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Well hello everyone! :)

My name is Scott. I'm new here...

Designer of 15 years, now running my own design company in Glasgow and well, I work alone and have no one to bounce ideas off, no one to talk to about Pantone colours and how they are soooooo important to get right, etc etc.

Thought I'd join this forum. Get chatting.

First thing on my mind is creating a design proposal for a potential client. Big client and I want to win this!

Anyone got any proposals they've done in the past that they might want to share with me? Just so I can see the structure and language used.

Anywho... hope to speak to someone soon.

Cheers! Scott.



Staff member

I've got lots of proposals, but they're all unique and tailored to the specific clients.

What have you got done already - maybe we could help shape it up for you?