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Welcome me

Hi. I have been a programmer for more than 8 years and web developer for more than 5. I can do both design/layout and programming.

My skills include:
ASP (classic), ASP.net (VB)
Cold Fusion
JavaScript, AJAX
Adobe Photoshop
CodeIgniter (PHP framework)
jQuery (JavaScript framework)

Here are some samples of my latest works:
sjfr.net/globaltrade (codeigniter and jquery)
sjfr.net/likesnow (codeigniter and jquery)
sjfr.net/directhelp (codeigniter and jquery)
sjfr.net/blikkulf (joomla!)
mycomfortspa.com (wordpress)
try-spa.com (wordpress)
boxingnewsflash.com (joomla!)
isoleringskompagniet.dk (joomla!)
religioner.no (wordpress mu)
mycoolgadget.co.uk (custom php)
snartur.no (custom php)

I have been sidelined due to sickness so I have been unable to work outside of the house. I am currently a jobless bum so I can do whatever job you throw my way. Best of all, my services are very very cheap. Contact me for details. You can contact me at billig.design(AT)yahoo.com

I am not looking for the best pay, but the best possible working environment for me -- that is home. Either that or I can move somewhere outside of this shythole -- to a new place called the western world. ;)