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Weekly design brief "contests"

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Mornin all, just finished work and still fuelled by red-bull and had an idea. Not so much for a contest but much like a "Daily Sketch Group" on art forums a weekly, mock design brief here on DF. Obviously if people wanted to offer up prizes then fair game :) I know there's the DF competitions for full branding/media etc. but this would be for a certain aspect of design each week.



Senior Member

EDIT: Weekly is a fine idea, but some/most of us have work to do, so once in a while, cool. Regularly doing things, harder. If you want to do it, then I'm sure we can all offer some pseudo briefs, but this is where my idea comes in handy.

Wee Jimmy

Senior Member
Not really ...

edit: I work 50 hours a week with the day job and design projects in my free time so I know what you mean. Like I said, red bull fuelled idea ;) get that idea rolling :p

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
Interesting! :D

but weekly basis would be really a little bit too tight to be arrange on some schedule, what about 2 weeks? it's good for you Jimmy, to only work for 50 hours a week, i work 84 hours a week! Daily 10 to 10 kind of work... :(

and red bull just makes me even more sleepy. :down:

maybe someone can start to drop a simple briefs in here and see how it turns out. i guess a two weeks time would be enough to start and complete the whole small project. :D