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Wedding Invites


Senior Member
Ive just received some wedding invites back from the printers that I worked on a few weeks ago. Ive put the shots up on my blog if anyone is interested in checking them out. Im open to feedback too, good or bad!

(ps Ive also just redesigned my blog so Id appreciate peoples thoughts)

dave will design


Senior Member
Really liking those :) turned out nicely, not sure on the ampersand but otherwise top notch :D

Also like the blogs look and feel (except maybe the longgggg list of labels and the amount of posts straight away)


Senior Member
good point that mate, when i started blogging i thought it was best to have as many posts as possible on one page, but i think you are right, ive restricted it to 8 per page and reduced the amount of labels to just the basics rather than every label ever created! cheers for the feedback too, its hard to show the stock of the paper on screen but that really added to the design i felt
properties for sale Pattaya


Junior Member
really nice work, I've seen hundreds of indian wedding invites and know of people who have tried to merge cultures into the design of the invite and failed, but this is done very nice and subtley.

Good Job!