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website stock management?


Junior Member
I'm due to start an ecommerce site and was wondering if anyone knows of a reliable system for coordinating stock amounts across a site and shop. E.g. the customer adds a book to his site with a stock quantity of 10, 2 people go online and buy a book each, the stock is now 8, but 2 people also came into his shop and bought a book each, the actual stock is now 6 but the site is still set at 8. I could ask the customer to update his stock through the CMS as each book is sold from the shop but that would only work with very small businesses and wouldn't rule out the possibility of an online purchase being processed at exactly the same time as a shop purchase.
What if any is the conventional way to deal with this?


Junior Member
Looks good at first glance. I have only just started to look into wordpress until now I have developed all of my own server side scripts. Have you used the eshop plugin? if so is it any good and what are the stock control features? How do you find working with wordpress in general?


I love Wordpress personally :) really easy to play with in terms of code and layup, the plugins can be edited to your own specs if you know enough PHP, Javascript and stuff like that :) so its well worth exploring. I've personally not used eShop, i used WP-eCommerce i think it was as a plug in, but it didn't have stock control on it from what I remember. :) From what i've seen of eShop its a good plug in :) you just need to be willing to play with it to get it working :)