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Website review request please

Hello website design professionals,

I would be very grateful if you could review my website, I am looking for a makeover using the same website, I am a Photographer not a designer, would any professional be interested in an exchange of Business Services.

A website and business stationary makeover, in exchange for photography or PR advice.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and i look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


Kre8 Photographic - Lancashire based photographers offering a professional reliable & friendly service - can travel throughout the Northwest,


Hi there Dan. Well, you're going to find out sooner or later, but we can be a brutally honest bunch - some more than others ;)

It quite simply looks like you've used a free website editor - which unfortunately means there are too many graphical errors for me to comment on. The only praise that I can give is that the colour scheme and general layout, could amount to a decent design, if all the other issues were sorted first.

As for the content, there are also a number of changes that need to be made. You need to show people your work in all its glory - not in a tiny, low quality JPEG with lots of ghosting. You will lose more money through poor first impressions and lack of custom than you will through image theft. (As long as every other part of your business model is sound, of course)

The website in general is rather bland an unappealing. Take a look at your photography, they capture emotions and feelings. They are vivid and appealing to the eye, they demand your attention. Your website needs to reflect that as well.

As for your logo, I think it looks okay, but it doesn't really say photographer to me, so you might want to have another look at that.