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Website Redesign Advice


Staff member
what needs improving....usability, the layouts dreadful for me, just don't really know where to go if you get what I mean.
Consistent design - it looks like a mish mash of several designers rather than one coherent design

Sean Lee-Amies

It looks like a website built more for SEO than the people that use it.
Too many links, too much information, the logo is very confusing to me and a lot of the design work feels very out-dated. I couldn't actually find your portfolio/work section so I wasn't able to compare it to other work you've done.


Staff member
balders said:
You just got Levied, welcome to the forum.
They didn't get charged for my comment so they never got levied.... I do love it when people forget about old english terms like levy :p
As squiddy said it looks more focused on seo than user interaction.... which is fine but seo means nothing if the user can't find what they're looking for...

Tony Hardy

It's very early 2000s. Also, that logo? I think you might want to look in to getting that changed asap. Really hurts the eyes.
I think there's a lot of cheesy stock images on there too. Nothing wrong with stock images, its just how they are used and as mentioned if theres several different styles they can conflict with the overall design coherence of the website.