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Website Re-design, thoughts?


Staff member
If I'm honest it looks like you've taken one of the templates that's out there and just changed a few bits here and there, it's nice but it isn't really showing much of your 'brand' if you get me.
I agree with Levi, it's a really nice site and showcases your work well but apart from on the about page, there's no reference to your brand. It looks like it could be any design agency's site if they just changed the logo at the top.
The website was definitely designed, and coded without the aid of any templates. Where do you feel the website lacks brand personality, and why? We would love further insight from you guys!
I quite like it overall. I think the pages don't 'flow' into each other very well, nor am I particularly keen on the many horizontal lines across the pages, several times. But yea, I still think it works overall. Good work.

Tony Hardy

Nice work. Love the smooth transition when you change the window size too. I don't think it looks templatey at all. Good job.
Thanks guys, we're trying to get this website to be the best it can be, we're already re-working some of this mobile stuff due to rendering issues, if you have any additional comments / suggestions please feel free to share.