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[website] My portfolio


Senior Member
hi bobek_balinek,

thanks for posting and welcome to DF.

straight onto your site...


  • i like the idea behind it and it looks good once you know what you're doing
  • the images you've used are nice looking


  • it probably is excessive
  • it's not user friendly (the hands moved around as if i was supposed to try and find something, i didn't even notice the navigation at the top)
  • the header is boring, there's no logo or real work done, you just seemed to have typed your name!
  • contact form is a bit unprofessional - "say hi!" is not going to welcome professional clients to chat seriously about talk big bucks
  • are you trying to sell something to me? what's the site even there for? what are your clients looking going to decide about you within the first 4/5 seconds of visiting the page if they see a field as your intro image?

clearly got potential dude, just stay focussed on content then design.
Hi when i first saw your site, I was impressed with the style - something different and unique, which is always good. However, I do agree with the previous few comments about the hands . I originally thought it was a video at first, with some hands etc which i thought was good - but then realised they moved with the menu, not so good a little annoying + make sure they are cut out neatly - i see a little bit of edgyness....

Remember when designing a website design it for dummys, not everyone is computer savvy and there will be some complete novices, so navigation is key. A logo is also a good idea, so you can become memorable.

Other than that you have some good work!


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Seems I am the only one that likes it? Think this could work really well with a few tweaks.

1. Assume I'm on the homepage, and I'm hovering the About link. I want to mouse-over to Photography. There's a whole lot of shuffling going around there then. When my mouse comes between 2 links it slides back to home by default. Fixing that would already be a big improvement.

2. Perhaps you should add a half second delay to the animation when you hover the menu. And you could experiment with some different animation speeds. Right now it's a very linear animation, while I think it would look nicer and be easier on the eye if the sliding animation starts out slow, and ends fast (like a hyperbole).

I like the idea, I wouldn't give up on it ;)
Thanks guys for feedback, true, the website is still not perfect. I have decided to put a little introduction text on the landing page, just to say quickly who am I, and encourage to look at my work so the viewer knows what he's standing on.
Contact form is for complete rebuilding, I want to incorporate it into the "Hire me" section.
Header was supposed to stay very minimalistic - no logo, icons, fancy graphics etc. Just my name and the menu items.
And I also want to add some server-side scripting, because at the minute just 3 pages are actually indexed by search engines because of ajax technology.
I also might change the standard to html5.


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Nah i Love this man, it's a great idea. The only thing i kinda have a niggle with is the Typography bit otherwise it's refreshing man.

It's often nice to do somethings thats cool for the sake of being cool, it means you're not a robot.

I'd love to see a white version to be honest with you, with something graphic to frame the centre piece.