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Chris England

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Hi all,

I'm a new member on the forum here (hopefully this will be the start of something beautiful). In my spare time I'm leading an independent game studio working on our first game, a strategy title called Xenonauts. Over the last week or so, I've been working on putting together the website for the game.

You can find it here: Welcome to the Frontpage

It's very much a work in progress. The content will be tweaked, and more art will be added to break up the text boxes (as has been done on the 'Game Overview' page). However, I'm looking for general design and layout critiques, and maybe some suggestions to add a splash of unobtrusive colour to the site without comprimising the minimal 1980's military sort of look.

I am planning to hire someone to do some branding for the game so I'll have a logo to put beside the site name in the top left corner of the titlebar - that's the only major change I've currently got planned, aside from rejigging the content.

So, yeah, any thoughts welcome!


welcome to the forum Chris :) why not post an introduction about yourself in the introductions area of the forum :)

Chris England

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Good plan. Didn't notice the intros forum, it was all tucked away at the bottom of the board instead of being the very first subforum listed! I've put a post up in there now.


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The thing about game sites is you want the user to know that they have reached the right site without reading a word.

Halo: : We have better stuff in our File Share.
----Xbox version once you log in:
Halo Official Site - Halo Reach, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Waypoint, Halo Legends

Call of duty once you log in:
Call of Duty

Infinity Ward | Modern Warfare 2


Browser based:
Looki Gaming: - Entertainment Portal

Compare them with yours and well it's kinda lacking. Either add concept art as in the last one or game pics as in call of duty. Your designing the game so you should have a fair few going. :)


it doesn't look like a game site, you have to hunt about to much, i think i have seen this posted up somewhere with pictures and some of the stuff looked great,


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I agree completely with what Jazajay said, it needs to communicate visually before trawling through the block text which I think could benefit from being broken up a bit more. People don't often read websites like they read books, they skim around the screen for the most important info.


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Chris, You did say 80s Military right? Have you thought of maybe making it like an "old-school" greenish computer screen maybe? Compared to today, almost everything in the 80s were minimal, especially computer technology of the day, right?. But what about adding blue print/schematic looking graphics of whatever you think would be appropriate, like weapons, tanks, jets, radar, or whatever. Just tossing some thoughts in for consideration. :)


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You know what I just realised (and I'll admit, it took my 3rd look at the site) the main text on the News page repeats itself. Why? It would look better (and make more sense) to just delete the second lot of copy. Unless it's there to serve a purpose, I'd get rid.


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hi Chris, first most and foremost, i wish you and your team the best of success, xcom and the entire series specifically the iso-metric top down ones , xcom, terror, apoca where exceptional games, i have the entire series and as sad as it sounds played each one to death :) and to remake or even carry on and improve will be a mighty challenge.

i agree with the others though in relation to the website, you need some art/media up asap.


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Better, I still think it needs a Background image though just to tie it more into the game, don't know like spaceships in the game, or whatever, can be concept art if need be if that makes sense. But something that the user goes aww right.....


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I'm going to say theres too much text on the home page. It needs something to make it pop off the page


Video Games huh........T-T - u r a hero! We need more Alien Shooters in our lives!

That aside like everbody else has said - video games are all about visuals. The site should also reflect the visuals. This is the one time where less text and more wow factor is the key.

Try a give some COLOUR! Dont be afraid - Even serious games have colours reflectred in their marketing (web or otherwise).

However the site has a good structure to it. Keep at it and I reckon that'll we'll have a Designforums winnah pretty soon!

You could always take a leaf outta Duke Nukem and stick some babes up on the site XD.

SIDE NOTE: Is it still cartoon themed avatars? Not so coincidently I keep listening to the batman and transformer themes tunes (just wanted to share).