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Website Feedback please


Senior Member
You can't take a good look at your work because you don't provide bigger views. On some pages the line length is too long, and sometimes the footer sticks a bit too close to the content.

Other than that it's clean, but bland and unexceptional; nothing I've never seen before.


Staff member
It seems too wide and as said kind of bland. It doesn't show that you're a GOOD web designer, just that you do web design... I could probably knock out that level of site and I don't even advertise a web designer.

Also your logo reads as TB not BT.
Hi Ben,

It may be nice to introduce yourself in the relevant section... (I would insert the link but can't be arsed!!)

I have a few notes on your site that I think will improve on what you have. In no particular order:

- Your logo doesn't link to the homepage

- The 'I am a freelance..." text doesn't read very well in the second line, as well as being grammatically incorrect. I think it may be nice to introduce yourself by name initially instead of 'I am'. It would also be nice if that changed on the different pages to something relevant.

- It would be nice if the large homepage images linked through to the actual project in your portfolio. Also the image quality I think could be a little higher and still keep your loading speed.

- The text boxes that spread across the whole width are, as Kevin says - far too long.

- I'm not a fan of drop down menus but that's just personal.

- On the services page, the titles are the links for more information which isn't very clear. I think you should have a clear button below the into paragraphs for each.

- Would be nice to have a contact form on the contact page.

- I'd really like to be able to click through on the portfolio to see more images of work and more detail. This is important for me and your potential clients as they're likely to judge you on your past work.

- I don't like the 'useful links' in the footer but I'm guessing that's an SEO thing.

- The blog has the same text width issue.

- Maybe rename 'my work' and 'my blog' to simply work or portfolio and blog... Simple!

That's probably about it form me!