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Website disappear

Hello guys.

My website was related to web designing and development. it was ranking well in google.co.uk. But from last friday its just disappear. i can cant find it with any of my keyword. what is this happened ? its also happened with two other websites as well. kindly help me. i dont know why this happened .

thanks in advance

here the link http://drwebsitesuk.com


Staff member
Perhaps it's because you're not actually based in the UK.....Google doesn't like that sort of 'tactics'
Type in the direct url into the search engin and if u see it dont worry your head , maybe its a google dance it does happen to be and what i do is put a comment on the site then ping it then it does show again


Senior Member
A sudden change in ranking could be attributed to a number of things. If you’ve disappeared altogether, then you’ve probably been sandboxed.
Have a look at this article