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Website designer needed


Junior Member
Just looking for a rough quotation for a website full coded etc that would be selling a product.. dont wanna give too much detail but just looking at rough quotations so i can plan.. cheers pm me :) or email


Active Member
Hi weggy,

We'll need more details in order for DF members to give you a quote, when you mention selling a product do you mean a full e-commerce website? If so, there's a whole lot of variables that need to be considered to give a quotation...

I have a feeling you don't quite know how in-depth this all is,

What is it for?

Have you got a target audience?

How would you describe your services and/or products?

Do you have any specific imagery in mind for your website?

Do you have any color preferences, or existing brand colors?

Do you have a logo?

Ok so it seems he needs a full website designing along with front end development and some sort of shopping cart system to handle his ebook products. How will the products be delivered to the customers? Are you aware of online trading laws? and are these ebooks genuine ebooks? or have you downloaded them and are trying to sell them on? Do you have the right to sell the ebooks to people?

A lot of questions neeed to be answered still.

We have the gist that you need a website designing and that you need some sort of shopping cart with payment gateway however as the guys say we are going to need more information.


Senior Member

Your profile says your a builder so just imagine if a client came to you and said - I want to build a house, probably with 10 stories needs to have some stairs.

Theres a million things you need to know before you could even consider putting together a quote. Might turn out to be a garage, might be a skyscraper.

Im sure you wouldn't take the quote seriously with such a poor brief so I wouldnt expect too much from anyone on here.

Best of luck.