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Website Design Review - Don't hold back.



Hi guys, I was wonder if you could pick apart a website draft for a dance school that I recently finished.

Personally, I like the design but I feel the content section could be presented better, but I'm not sure how to proceed.

Any advice would be really appreciated and as the title says, don't hold back! If something looks horrible please tell me!


(Yes it's just an image at the moment)

Oh and in case you were wondering, that screen at the top will eventually be a jQuery slider, I'm thinking of putting some circular slide number icons along the bottom of the screens frame.


Staff member
not sure how to describe this to be honest but I'll see how it goes....

To me there's an issue with the '3d' element being at the top and the 2d element being underneath it. It makes it disjointed.

Your top '3d' bit is very strong visually, yet the '2d' bit lower down just looks stuck on as an after thought.

If it was me I'd have likely gone for a darker theme on the 2d as the lighter theme you've picked just makes it stand out too much from the very dark '3d' bit. Try the design but with the light bit's 'inverted' so that it's white text on a grey/black background etc.

I'd also try an add in some sort of '3d' element to the text area just to help it gel a little more.


Revised Colours - http://ladesigns.co.uk/images/designdraft2.png

I still think that there is a clash between the top section of content (below the navigation) and the bottom section of content (above the footer). I suppose I could choose a grey that's in between the two sections and use the same for both.

As for major layout changes in regards to adding more 3D content, I'm not sure that's possible but perhaps I might be able to do something small for the headers or for the footer? I'm not really sure.

I've made the background darker which seems to have helped with the transition of dark grey to light grey.


Senior Member
I actually quite like what your going for here but I'm not loving the light grey. Levi's visual looks like a step in the right direction. I would like to see the buttons take on a more realistic shiny dance floor effect also.


Thanks for that :) I've got a new revision ready and waiting. I wasn't too sure what you were trying to represent with the white - was that a drop shadow?


I made the text columns narrower as well. Let me know what you think :)

P.S. I've got to go with a background that ends in a solid colour towards the bottom - it makes it much easier to code!


Thanks Wac :)

When you say shinier, do you mean in a sort of glass/web 2.0 gloss type of shinier?