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Website Design Critique


Well-Known Member
I don't know about the site itself, but there are lots of spelling and grammar mistakes (consultant's cary) on that first page,
I only read it for a few seconds before it started fading away again.

Lots of apostrophes where they shouldn't be and ones missing where there should be, etc.


Staff member
Its really unatractive for a busniess to make such basic errrors in spelling/grammer and its an instant turn off when Im looking to higher some one, As you can imaging. making such basic errors makes it hard to read.

Consider highering a proof reader.
Thanks Guys! really helpful, Im going to have someone write some fresh content for the site, (mine was only really intuited as 'holding' content)

Dave L

Well-Known Member
I'm not up to speed with trends in web design but I was struck by the lack of any real unity in page design across the site (banner excepted). It's also a bit unusual that you appear to be without a logo (?).