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Web development site


Active Member
Hi Samuel,

Welcome to Design Forums, I've moved your thread as it was in the wrong section, also would like to bring the guidelines for posting work/websites for feedback:


Post some surrounding information, or even better the design brief together with your work, it's very difficult to receive useful feedback without this information as the work has no context. The more information you can provide the better your feedback is likely to be.
My first piece of feedback is, in general, visitors hate auto-play music on sites, so would remove that. My second piece of feeedback is buy some web hosting, it's so cheap these days, plus the moonfruit sub-domain hardly gives a professional image to potential clients!



Junior Member
If I'm honest I don't like the fly hovering around the screen. It kept distracting me from your actual page. Also because of the site being done in flash, you don't seem to have much in the form of keywords for search engines to pick up on. I agree with Greg about buying some hosting to get your own domain. It'll make you look more professional. That's just my personal take on it.
It looks nice, however you need some visual response from your hit area's. When you hover over your buttons/target area's they give no output other than the hand cursor.