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Web Development in the future

What do you think the world of Front End Web Development will be like in let's say 20 years time? Will it become completely automated and therefore make Front End Developers obsolete?

I was just wondering if there'll be some kind of super simple software with a visual interface that will let you create a fully compliant website in just a few clicks. So you could insert DIV's etc. where you want on the page without having to touch any code. Designers will of course always be needed as you can't automate creativity, and you'll need some programmers to create and maintain the softwares that will let you do all this. But will the front end become drag and drop?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.



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Interesting thread Soren.

I think if the browsers started to work together more in bringing in new coding guidelines inline with the W3C, etc, so that there was one definitive way of coding a site correctly with regards to basic HTML/CSS, then there would be the possibility of one product being able to code automatically for that browser, to an extent!

I guess the negative of that is you then lose any competition between browsers, which in turn means less development on new features, and less pushing the boundaries?

I think whilst there is still a number of ways to code sites, and a number of different browsers to take into consideration it will always need a developer, who knows the ins-and-outs, and is up-to-date on the latest developments and guidelines.

20 years from now, we may have moved past HTML/CSS all together?!



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I'm not sure we'll even have computers as we know them in 20 years time...??

Also think of how potentially limitless file sizes would be??? surely even the tribes in africa would have broadband by then?

Like Greg said " 20 years from now, we may have moved past HTML/CSS all together?!" I think your right and thats prosably true for ajax/php too??

As for everyone being able to create a site in some ways that could be good but in others I really hope not! - I hope I can still find a job when we get there! - or better still have earnt enough money money by then not to need a job!


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2029 - that sounds futuristic!
Just think of how far technology has come since 1989!

It's all going to be touch screens if Windows 7 gets its way in the next few years :confused:
Greg said:
Just think of how far technology has come since 1989!
Wow..yeah it's amazing. It's hard to imagine what the internet will look like in 20 years. But you're probably right about the XHTML/CSS being nonexistent at that time. Maybe the Internet will blow up when Greg reaches 1.000.000 posts :). That's more likely to happen in about 20 days than 20 years though ;).

No, but I really hope, like tbwcf, that not everyone will be able to create a site as that will be a bad thing in my eyes. And I think you're right Greg. There'll probably always be a need for people who are up to date on the most recent technology.


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The way things are going with the usability of websites, becoming more interactive with features to customize your own content to make it more of a personal experience , like the new BBC site, will develop further I think, so inline with that I can't see any reason why web development won't go this way, drag and drop modules and instant editing of sites online..

As for 20 days for 1,000,000 posts... that's a challenge! Maybe I can grab a few extra coffees and get the voices to help me! :D
I don't worry about 20 years from now, internet wise I mean. 10 years ago I never thought things we do today were possible. My guess is that we don't use HTML anymore, but some other fancy language. I'm afraid everyone can make a website in 20 years from now, the world will only consist of designers, because not everyone is creative :p


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My vision is like sky's announcement that if you are signed up to their HD service you can now view all programmes in 3d, with 3d glasses, and in the next 5 years they should make it for everyone, and no need for glasses. To me if the TV goes that way people will expect the computer to as well.

Now with the new influx of touch screen monitors and Windows7 becoming a touch screen operating system, I think, then in 20 years time rather than clicking a link and getting a light box effect it will pop right in front of your face and you just type it into the box, press close and it goes back into the monitor, think minority report, that will become a reality, that is not fiction IMO as a few devices are close to achieving it already.

All you need is optical sensors/lasers to detect the movement.

We already have an inferred/laser keyboard that projects a laser of a keyboard in front of you, you touch it and it types it to the screen, also giving you a clicking sound as well, you turn it off and the keyboard disappears into the device. £99 Iast year.

Anyway that's my vision.
Programmers will still be needed IMO, you will just get better visual effects than you get now.



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I was just wondering if there'll be some kind of super simple software with a visual interface that will let you create a fully compliant website in just a few clicks
I was just thinking, Isn't that called Dreamweaver, or coffee cup's paid version?

The problem with Dreamweaver is the code it generates for you is shocking, complex and hugely bloated that TBH it makes more sense to code from scratch yourself, so what will be different in 20 years time?.