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web designers and quoting, help help

Discussion in 'Website Design Forum:' started by byronc, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. byronc

    byronc Member

    Hi to all you web designers.

    I am a developer/programmer who has been making the crossover to web design and dev for the 2 years and was wondering what the secret is for quoting on web design. Web dev I can handle (as you do it once, it works, finished.)

    I find design so subjective- A client can ask for a logo, and what seems great to me might not have that special feeling for the client etc. How on earth do you quote for this? Whats stopping a client from sending you back for 10 logos, it seems like a bottomless cup of work...?

    Please help. I feel like saying from now on, I DONT DO LOGOS (of course I may just be rubbish at it)

  2. Corrosive

    Corrosive Moderator Staff Member

    I feel your pain! Interested in the answers because I haven't found a satisfactory way of quantifying it yet either.
  3. Stationery Direct

    Stationery Direct Administrator Staff Member

    I think stick to what you are good at, if you specialise in coding then stick to it. If you have the experience and skills to do the front end design then of course offer this also....but I would not expect my website designer to design my logo or my stationery, and would specifically look to someone specialising in this area....jack of all trades master of none etc!!!

    Of course you could offer these as a service but I would almost certainly have some sort of arrangement with a professional graphic/logo designer where by they give me a good price on design work I may need to outsource to them and in return you do the same for them should one of their clients want something coded, it's a win win situation should you find the right person, hence we set up this forum > Partnerships - Graphic Design Forums: UK forums for graphic designers
  4. linziloop

    linziloop Member

    Look at it this way. If a client has come to you and they have seen your portfolio then they must have seen something they like and have faith in you to be able to do their logo. When quoting, state that the price includes "x" amount of revisions (as a starter i usually say three) so then you are covered to charge more if they keep sending everything you do back.

    Start off by getting a really good idea of what the client wants to represent with their logo, what their idea of the appearance of their business should be, and perhaps even have them show you a few examples of what kinds of logos they have seen and like. That way, you'll be off to a good start, hopefully have a great idea of what they want and what suits the business, and you'll hit the nail on the head in your first go ;)

    As for your price for the logo - there are lots more threads on the forum which give some really good advice about pricing and how to work it out x
  5. linziloop

    linziloop Member

    I also agree with BossHogg about sticking with what you're good at and working with designers if design isn't your thing though. If you're saying you can do design and people are taking you up without seeing your design work for themselves then this is where you are going to get problems with them wanting lots of revisions.
  6. byronc

    byronc Member

    I have been good at coding for far too long YAWN - but it might be easier this way.
  7. Katedesign

    Katedesign Well-Known Member

    This is really good advice. Find out what they like, and are expecting from you. You can then start with that and do a few (usually 3 designs) ideas for them.

    How long is a piece of string...? Pricing depends on also how much your client might want to spend on a logo... how much they value it. Bob the builder might only spend £100 but NatEast Bank plc will spend £20K. You need to be able to second-guess what might be appropriate. Then you design your logo and work to the price!
  8. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    As Boss Hog said, if you do code, do code but dont waste your time on design. No matter how hard you try, you'll not be able to work as efficiently as someone who dedicated their professional life to design and branding and so it'll become an expensive and frustrating way of working. Much better to find someone who you can trust with your projects and let them design for you while you get on with earning money doing what you do best.

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